Own Your Masters

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This principle is derived from the music industry. To own your masters in music means to own the rights to what you have created. Many of the problems that musicians face to this day is due to them selling the rights to their music for temporary monetary gains and other benefits. But the norm has always been that record executives offer talented artists (usually Black people from lower economic positions) money up front in order to enrich themselves in the long run. Therefore, Owning Masters and owning ones creativity is one the highest achievements one can attain in music. It’s taking control of what was always yours, but through the structure in place has been stolen. Although most of us do not make music, we all have intellectual property that we create. This statement asks that we examine what is uniquely ours, we share it with world, we get the web domain, we trademark it, copyright it, we retain rights to it and we enrich ourselves instead of other. This is what it means to Own Your Masters.