12 Principles of Financial Freedom

Before Finance Friday was a business it was a video series on social media that I created to share the financial wisdom my parents shared with me. It was a way that I could honor them while also educating people on the high level business discussions that routinely took place within my family. The response was overwhelming, the 15 videos were viewed tens of thousands times across platforms. People became extremely engaged and I began to sell t-shirts to reinforce the lessons that I was sharing. Fast forward to today and although we are still at the early stages of building a business we have sold thousands of shirts, we have had celebrity's endorsements from celebrities such as, crypto thought leader 19 Keys, rapper Jim Jones and comedian Shiggy. All of these accomplishments stemmed from a video series and that series stemmed from 12 financial principles. We began distributing these 12 principles with select merchandise in 2020. However, for the first time we are making the 12 principles available for public consumption online. I will list them out below for those unable to view the image.



Anthony Walker



1. Pay Yourself First 

2. Love is Currency

3. Be Debt Free

4. Assets > Liabilities

5. Buy Land

6. Dope Sales Itself

7. Marriage & Partnership

8. Budget

9. Cashflow is King

10. (Ownership) Equity > Salary

11. Investing is Gangster

12. Build a Legacy