Black Wealth Principles

Finance Friday is an educational platform that was built on two in house frameworks that were created as the company was still taking form. The first of these frameworks is The 12 Principles of Financial Freedom and the second framework that secured the foundation of Finance Friday are the Black Wealth Principles. These principles lay out very specifically what needs to be built by the Black community in order to achieve a more equitable future for us as a collective. This framework begins with the understanding that Black Wealth is both intrinsic and aspirational and ends with the directive to Buy Land. We were born with internal value that is God given and surpasses our understanding. Additionally, we also must aspire to achieve material wealth in order to sustain ourselves and become independent as a collective. We have distributed these principles with select merchandise but for the first time we are making these principles public on our website. 


Anthony Walker 

1. Black Wealth Media

2. Own Your Masters

3. Group Economics

4. Community Love

5. Black in Business

6. Digital Assets (Crypto)

7. Distribution

8. Transportation

9. Manufacturing

10. Buy Land